Seed Education Inc.

Seed Education Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Seed Investment Holding Company that committed to globalization on Education.


Seed Education Inc. has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It provides educational services, development, acquisition, operation and maintenance of multiple education projects. Our 3 Core business are the acquisition and operation of private Day Cares and the development of its proprietary designed curriculum that are committed to providing attentive, considerate and overall care and mentoring kids’ capacity to becoming extraordinary; the operation and maintenance of Training schools (academic & arts training);the promotion of Summer & Winter camps that makes a spark of thought andwisdom; and the promotion of Sino-Canadian cultural and educational exchanges that closes the distances between people and makes the culture more diversified. 


Seed Education is committed to becoming one ofthe world leading Education Company.  

We have the faith that Education and Cultureare limitless and fluid. We are endeavored to build bridges to enhance and promote the international educational and cultural collaboration.

Grow with us!

Take the first step of your dream and make a legend.