ESL Teacher Exchange Program

Why choose China as your destination?

  • Vast number of employment opportunities: In China, there are more than 40,000 universities, colleges, public and private schools, and other educational institutes that have a dire need to hire, yearly, a total of over 150,000 qualified native English.

  • Comfortable wage and benefits: The State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) has noted that privileged wages and benefits shall be provided to foreign teachers. Normally, international round trip air-fair, appropriate accommodation, health insurance, travel allowance, and vacation pay are all included.

  • China, an ancient, mysterious, and beautiful land: Teaching in China will give you the opportunity to experience its rich 5000-year history. China is a gem; its resplendent culture, varied cuisine, gorgeous natural landscape, and distinctive customs have much to offer you.

Why Seed Education?

  • Seed Education is a subsidiary educational company. We have clients in both Canada and China to whom we provide educational services. We also control the development, acquisition, operation, and maintenance of multiple educational projects, most notably, for the promotion of a variety of international educational resources exchange programs, including ESL teacher recruitment. We have collaborated closely with school boards, individual schools, and educational institutes in over 20 middle sized cities and metropolises in China.

  • Seed Education Inc., located in the heart of Toronto, has the privilege and experience to build bridges between many employers in China and Canadian candidates. Furthermore, we provide these candidates with face-to-face support with their ESL/EFL/ECE contract questions, work permit applications, and vocational (Z) visa applications.

We are currently recruiting the following positions (China):

If you are interested in please send your resume to Please note, only those candidates selected for an interview and/or testing will be contacted further.

ChongQing - Fulltime ESL/EFL teacher

ChongQing - Fulltime ECE/ECA teacher

ChongQing - ECE Supervisor/Operation Manager (Contract)