Career Service


Study & Career Planning


For whom: Freshmen and Sophomore Students

Our Mission:


To help them with decisions that pertain to their education

To allow them to job-shadow alumni mentors in their preferred fields

To allow them to understand how their academic skills can translate into possible careers

To DISCOVER what they are really passionate about

To express who they are

To help them PRIORITIZE and EVALUATE career possibilities

To help them unlock their potential for better organization


Model:  Workshops, lectures, one-to-one meetings, and step-by-step approaches

Career Cruising


For whom: Senior Students, Graduates, and Novices

Our Mission:

To prepare an initial CAREER SKETCH for your prospective career and life possibilities this is based on who you are (your desires, strengths, and personal qualities)

To STRATEGIZE about career tools (resumes, interviews, and social-media accounts)

To prepare l applicants for success in their future education programs and internships

Model: Workshops, lectures, tailored programs, and internships


To get started with Career Cruising, call 416-860-6669 or email us at