Sino-Canadian Educational and Cultural Exchange


  • In 2014, Prime Minster Stephen Harper and his Chinese counterpart announced that 2015-2016 would be the time for Sino-Canadian cultural exchange.
  • The Canadian Federal Government announced that the month of May would be “Asian Cultural Month” to increase the promotion of multiculturalism and understanding


  • To promote multiculturalism, international cultural exchange, and international educational exchange


  • Education and culture are limitless and fluid. This cultural exchange is designed to build bridges, to enhance the educational and cultural collaboration between Canada and China, to strengthen the mutual understanding of different Canadian and Chinese cultural groups, and to promote Chinese traditional culture in Canada.

  • There will be seven components of the event. They are as follows: the Opening Ceremony, the Education Forum, the Traditional Chinese Culture and Arts Exhibition, the Business Tour for Educational Resources, the Projects Matching Fair, the Charity Fest, and the Closing Ceremony.