Business Madarin (20 hrs)

    School: On-site (no extra fee)

  • $1,199.00

Target Learners: Designed for corporations, to help business professionals and management teams in financial service organizations, real estate firms and other companies improve their command of the language.

Program Description: Customized Mandarin training helps participants learn to use Mandarin in everyday business. Classroom activities are oral and interactive. Simulations of specific business scenarios and themes enable students to build fluency in an Integrated and encouraging learning environment.

Additional Services:

  • Complimentary Language and Culture class
  • Free Mandarin proficiency evaluation
  • Free customized program design
  • Private class: 1 on 1
  • Flexible schedule and no extra charge on-site service (GTA only)
Course Length: 20 hours

We also offer Semi-Private Class and 3-5 People Gourp Class on a flexible schedule upon request. Please contact us for further infomation.

Semi-Private Class: $1599 / group
3-5 People Group Class: $2399 / group

School On-site (no extra fee)

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