• After School Tutoring 001

After School Tutoring 001

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    School: Toronto University

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After school Tutoring  


For whom: Homestay students and University students

Course Schedule:

Weekly Sessions: in weekly sessions, tutors will work with students to increase their academic achievement. Tutors will help participants illustrate their newly learned skills, assist with homework and projects, and provide opportunities to practice their knowledge and solidify their skills.   

Final Exam Preparation Sessions: during exam preparation sessions, tutors will work with students to generate and summarize the knowledge covered over the entire term. Tutors will teach problem-solving strategies, exam-taking skills, and possible exam questions.

Class structure:

Group Class (10-15 people)

Small class (5-10)

Semi-Private (2-3)

Private (1-on-1)


Compulsory Courses

Challenging Courses


Weekly Basis: 2-3 hours/session

Final Exam Preparation: 2 hours/session


Tutors: Tutors have been carefully selected.  In order to qualify as a tutor, applicants must have previously passed the course they will tutor with no less than an A. Tutors are also required to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in tutoring. Lastly, they are vetted for their ability to interact with, relate to, and support students.


Instructor na
School Toronto University

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